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  • Should You Add a Portable Air Conditioner?

    Should You Add a Portable Air Conditioner?

    April 13, 2018

    If you’ve ever had your air conditioning system clunk out on you, then you understand just how critical staying cool is, and how hard it’s working all the time to keep you and your family comfortable at home. If you haven’t experienced it, then… count yourself lucky! Here in Rockport, the summers are unbearable without a cooling system at home, which is why we take great pride in ensuring our customers are cool and comfortable.

    But what happens if your air conditioner DOES break down? In the downtime between when it breaks and when it’s repaired, you’ve still got to deal with quickly rising temperatures inside. Investing in a portable air conditioner may be a smart investment, if only to have in emergencies. But are they viable options for cooling your home on a regular basis? The answer’s not definitive, as it largely depends on your specific situation. But to help you make an informed decision, the professionals at Sigwald Service Co. have a quick guide to portable air conditioners and whether they’re worth it.

    Size Matters

    The key to understanding portable electronics centers on maximizing their efficiency in contrast to the area they’re used in. Given that these units usually average out at 5,000 BTUs of cooling power, they’re not going to pump a torrential wave of cold air into your home. They’ve got to be attached essentially to a leash – a vent connects it to the window, where it pulls in hot air from outside and turns that into cold air inside the unit.

    • It becomes a sort of balancing act, where you’ve got to pair a portable air conditioner with a room where it can properly cool the area around it. If a single unit is stuck in a massive, multi-window room with entirely too many square feet to be effective, then it’s not going to be very useful.
    • However, if you can put it in a smaller room where the air conditioner has significantly less to cool, then it’ll be perfectly acceptable.
    • Portable air conditioners can cool a room that would normally be 80-90 degrees Fahrenheit to something roughly in the 75-degree range, but anything more than that is going to require more units.

    Weigh the Cost

    Once you’ve figured out just how much you’re going to need to cool, then you can make an informed decision as you factor in the financial aspect. Portable air conditioners are going to run anywhere from $100-500 – so, again, any more than one or two units might not make a ton of sense as an investment, especially if it’s just a short-term stopgap until your central system is back up and running.

    Making a point-blank-period judgement on portable air conditioners isn’t something you can do from afar, which is why you’ll have to take into account the various needs of your home and situation. If you’ve got a more contained area that needs cooling and wouldn’t require a bundle of them to remedy your cooling issues, then a portable might be the right decision.

    However, if your whole home needs a cooling solution, then it might make more sense to think of something that will last longer. Either way, Sigwald Service Co. can help you out. We offer both portable air conditioners as well as comprehensive whole-home HVAC service, and we’d love to talk with you and come up with a solution. We offer the best service in Rockport, so give us a call at 361-729-1584 today!