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  • How to Keep Bugs Out of Your Home

    How to Keep Bugs Out of Your Home

    July 20, 2018

    For all the enjoyable parts of summer – the nights spent around the company of friends, the cookouts around the pool, and so much more – there’s always one aspect that aggravates everyone: bugs. On top of being a general nuisance, bugs add a layer of messiness to your home that otherwise wouldn’t be there, and some even transmit diseases! Those otherwise pleasant summer vibes can be ruined quickly if too many bugs infiltrate your home.

    While you could load up on bug spray and preventative chemicals, there are other ways to fortify your home. Do enough – or all – of these steps, and you may be able to keep your home bug-free so everyone can enjoy the summer once again. Most of these precautions are easily performed with tools you might already have at home, and none of them will be so costly as to price you out of a relaxing home atmosphere.

    Sigwald Service Co. has the answers to all home-service needs you may have, and we’ll gladly help you get your home back to the ideal state you deserve it to be in. Follow this guide, and you’ll know how to keep bugs out of your home, and go back to enjoying the summer!

    Install Screens

    The key for any bugs slipping into your home lies in how many unintended small openings you have. Most of the time they’re finding cracks you didn’t realize were there, and that includes the slightest gaps in open windows or doors. The best way to solve that problem once and for all is to install some mesh or wire screens on the outside of them.

    • If you’ve already got screens, then odds are something snapped or broke. Most screens are easily fixed by stapling them back to the frame they’re attached to, but that’s only for wooden frames.

    Search for Holes

    Again, the tiny openings you aren’t aware of are open gates for wayward bugs. Give a thorough search for anywhere that could’ve rotted or sprung a hole over time, places that would be ideal spots for bugs to enter through.

    • Baseboards, various nooks and crannies, potentially cracked pipes and gaps around outlets are prime spots for bugs to squeeze through.

    Clean Up Around the House

    Above all, the thing that drives bugs indoors is the search for a potential source of food, and there’s no better way to essentially place a bug-sized welcome mat in your home than to leave food everywhere. Crumbs are like a buffet for them, so make sure to vacuum frequently. Store your food in airtight containers as well, and make sure to thoroughly clean up after you’ve finished eating.

    Get Rid of Moisture

    Water also attracts bugs, and they love to congregate where they have a constant source of sustenance. Piles of dirty dishes are ideal for them, as well as leaky pipes and messy bathrooms.

    Entice Natural Predators

    What easier way to take care of annoying bugs than to make sure they’re not around in the first place? Lots of birds and bats feed on bugs, and inviting them to hang out around your home gives them free reign to eat all the things you’re tired of.

    • Add a birdbath and bird-feeder to your yard. Not only will you get to see the visitors that stop by, but your bug problem will decline significantly as well.
    • Bats aren’t nearly as fun to see, but they are nocturnal, meaning they’re far more active during the night. While you’re up and about, they’re sleeping, so they’re out of sight until the sun goes down!

    These simple steps to make your home a bug-free zone will mean you can sleep safe and sound at night, knowing there won’t be any unwelcome visitors zooming or crawling around. Sigwald Service Co. always wants our Rockport neighbors to be as comfortable as possible, so give us a call at 361-729-1584 for any questions or problems you may encounter, and we’ll be glad to help!