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  • Heating

    The Most Trusted Heating Solutions in Rockport

    At Sigwald Service, we possess the tools and capabilities to keep your heating system at peak performance. We provide complete heating and furnace repairs, installation, and maintenance. Our licensed technicians offer affordable expertise from the most trusted  HVAC company in Rockport. Homeowners in Aransas County know Sigwald Service is focused on customer satisfaction; servicing all types of heating systems. We make sure to comply with all regulations and local codes, and offer guidance on keeping your heating and furnace energy efficient and cost effective.

    We Provide Complete Services for These Heating Systems:

    • Furnace
    • Heat Pump


    Heating systems can unexpectedly break down at a moment’s notice. Although repairs are to be expected, your frustration should not. Sigwald Service offers cost-effective and timely solutions for repairing heating systems, working quickly to restore warmth to your home. Our extensive experience and knowledge of HVAC systems ensures repairs are precise and compliant to local code. The range of our expertise spans basic furnaces, heat pumps, and much more. Our respected technicians focus on restoring your system to peak performance and energy-efficiency.


    Installing a new heating system can be a drawn out and difficult task. As a homeowner, you should know when it is time to replace your heating with a more efficient model. There are common signs to look out for, and waiting to replace a heating system in need of an upgrade could cost you more in the long run.

    Common Signs Your Heating Needs to be Replaced:

    • Unusually High Energy Bills
    • Inaccurate Air Temperature
    • Frequent Repairs
    • More Than 10 Years Old

    Sigwald Services eases the burden of heater installations through our expert solutions. We first assess your entire heating system to find the best option to take, and consult you on the best route. Our services are tailored to your budget and home, and we facilitate our processes with accordance to code. Our licensed technicians carefully examine the layout of your home, and act precisely for an efficient and compliant install. As an authorized Ruud Reliable dealer, we find you the best replacements for your heating system, and work to your exact budget and schedule.


    Properly maintaining a heating system will lengthen its lifespan and save energy usage. Sigwald Services performs regular, detailed maintenance on heating systems to enhance overall operations and minimize repairs. We replace filters, clean units, inspect systems, and much more. Sigwald Services administers the best practices to keep a heating system consistently performing without any issues.

    If your air conditioning is not meeting your expectations, or you need an inspection, contact Sigwald Services at 361-729-1584 for affordable solutions made for you!