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  • Cooling

    Cooling Installation and Repairs With Rockport Quality

    Air conditioning technicians at Sigwald Service make it their mission to provide quality cooling repairs, installation, and maintenance to Aransas County residents. Our focus is maintaining the capabilities of your cooling system, and enhancing its performance for energy efficiency. We strive to complete each task within your desired schedule, and offer guidance for keeping your cooling system at peak performance.

    We Provide Top Quality Service for These Cooling Units:

    • Central Air Conditioning
    • Heat Pumps
    • Evaporative Coolers
    • Portable Air Conditioners
    • Ductless Mini-Split Air Conditioners


    Discovering your cooling system has malfunctioned or broken down is an unpleasant surprise. Identifying the cause of the problem can be difficult, and some fixes may require immediate attention or a specific license. If you are experiencing unfavorable results from your cooling system, contact Sigwald Service today. Our expert knowledge allows us to accurately determine the problem with a cooling system, and execute the precise solution to fix it. A homeowner’s time is precious, and our employees work under their schedule to repair any air conditioning system. Our skillset is the best in Rockport, as we can repair any cooling unit from a portable air conditioner to an entire central cooling system.


    Your cooling system has a lifespan, and it is important to know when replacement is in order. Certain signs can identify whether you will need a new cooling system. Never wait to replace your air conditioning if you are experiencing unfavorable results consistently.

    Common Signs Your A/C Needs to be Replaced:

    • Unusually High Energy Bills
    • Inaccurate Air Temperature
    • Frequent Repairs
    • More Than 10 Years Old

    If your air conditioning is experiencing any of these symptoms, contact Sigwald Service to determine if a replacement is necessary. We first assess the best options for homeowners to take, and ensure our solutions are tailored to their specific situations. Sigwald Service offers complete installation services to replace your cooling with a new system. We exceed expectations by efficiently performing installation and complying to your schedule. As an authorized Ruud Reliable dealer, we help find you replacements that fit your budget and home. Different cooling systems require specific licenses and experience, and we have the experienced staff to cover them all.


    Your cooling system is important to maintain. Sigwald Service technicians come equipped with the experience and high tech tools to accurately maintain your cooling system – and our dedication to the trade ensures thorough inspections at an affordable price. We replace filters, clean units, inspect systems, and much more. We waste no time when it comes to cooling system maintenance, as it is our mission to keep your unit both safe and efficient.

    If your air conditioning is not meeting your expectations, contact Sigwald Service at 361-729-1584 for affordable solutions!