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  • Appliances

    Rockport’s Major Appliances Repair Services

    Sigwald Service has decades of experience mastering the fundamentals of efficient  appliance repair. Our skilled technicians have the education and experience to perform accurate and brand-specific repairs. Experience dedicated service and expansive knowledge on a wide array of electrical home appliances.

    We Repair These Essential Appliances:

    • Washing Machines
    • Clothes Dryers
    • Residential Refrigerators
    • Ice Makers
    • Garbage Disposal
    • Dishwashers
    • Residential Freezers
    • Ovens

    Washing Machines

    Sigwald Service offers efficient solutions to restore function to your washing machine. Modern washing machines come in a variety of different designs and technological complexities. Problems can arise from varying factors such as age, model, and use. Our technicians can easily assess and diagnose repair or replacement strategies with any top loading unit.

    Clothes Dryers

    Much like washing machines, dryers use a series of rotating parts to perform. Sigwald Service technicians can help with all major brand names and designs. If your dryer is making a noise, or not performing at optimum efficiency, we can help diagnose and fix the problem.

    Residential Refrigerators

    When a refrigerator breaks down, repairs need to be made quickly. Our technicians are up-to-date on the latest designs including digital models that can be controlled from your phone or computer. Sigwald Service responds quickly to refrigerator problems to quickly assess whether or not the model can be repaired or needs to be replaced.

    Ice Makers

    Ice makers can cause extensive damage in certain circumstances. If leaking occurs, your refrigerator and floor can be greatly compromised; sometimes requiring  expensive repairs. Sigwald Service acts swiftly to replace or repair any component that is damaged – to restore the unit quickly. Whether it’s a modern ice maker with a digital thermostat or a older model with antiquated parts, our team can help with a thorough diagnosis.

    Garbage Disposals

    Garbage disposals are often misused and can clog easily. The technicians at Sigwald Service can help unclog or repair a compromised disposal. Our experts can also help with the installation of a new model if your current one is beyond repair. Don’t spend a vacation or holiday without the essential function of a disposal!


    Dishwasher repairs require careful precision, as they are connected to the plumbing and garbage disposal unit. A malfunction can cause leaking, clogged pipes and cause damage to the plumbing system. At the very least, a damaged dishwasher can cause great inconvenience. Let our skilled technicians assess and diagnose the problem before extensive damage can occur.

    Residential Freezers

    Freezers must be treated with the same urgency as fridges, as the food inside can spoil. Sigwald Service provides repairs and replacements for a wide variety of residential freezers. Don’t let all that food go to waste! Let our technicians provide a sound repair or replacement plan before extensive melting can occur.


    Modern heating appliances have a variety of high tech design options that can help cook with great precision. But sometimes these designs can fail, requiring the skill of a experienced technician. Never attempt to use or repair a malfunctioning stovetop or any other appliance that produces heat. Sigwald Service can help you avoid injury or damage with fast, efficient service for your stovetop – regardless of brand or age.


    Ovens necessitate the same care as stovetops, as misuse can result in injury. They are also essential tools for many homes, especially for households that cook extensively. Our services include repairing and replacing the oven bake element, light bulb and lens, temperature sensor, inner door glass, and much more.

    If you are in need of repairs for any of these major appliances, call Sigwald Service at 361-729-1584 to schedule an appointment and get started!