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  • Appliance Repair

    Rockport’s Premium Major Appliance Repair

    Sigwald Service is your number one resource for major appliance repair. An appliance can break down at any moment, and it is crucial to be prepared and act immediately if necessary. Sigwald Service responds quickly to major appliance repairs, and comes equipped with the right tools and licenses to restore any major appliance back to working condition. Our knowledge of appliance repair is backed by many decades of experience, and our skill set is constantly expanding to keep up with technology and innovation.  With dedication to Aransas County homeowners, we efficiently repair old and new appliances. We have broad knowledge of all major brands and appliances, providing affordable service throughout the Rockport area.

    Competitive Pricing for Exceptional Service

    Major appliance repairs happen unexpectedly, and we want to ease the stress of unforeseen break-downs with our straightforward and competitive pricing. We charge no hidden fees so you know exactly what to expect when the service is complete. All our pricing is specifically tailored to ensure quality service at a reasonable cost. Sigwald Service also respects  a homeowner’s time, and schedule service in short windows that won’t leave you waiting all day.

    Satisfaction That Lasts

    When we repair your major appliance, we do not stop at just replacing a tube or panel. We guarantee that you are pleased with Sigwald Service by using our best quality assurance practices to ensure customer satisfaction. We ensure you get the best possible service at an affordable price. With every repair we seek to restore full function to your appliance – at peak performance. We also offer guidance on conserving energy and extending the lifespan for every appliance serviced.

    If you are in need of major appliance repair, contact Sigwald Service. Call us at 361-729-1584 to schedule service today!